Full Paper Guide


Full Paper Submission Guidelines

As a guide, papers must be between 2500 and 3,500 words in length. A title of not more than fifteen words should be provided. An abstract should  contain at least findings of the research and be within a world limit of 75 words.


Full paper must Contain:

Title of the Paper:

Name of the Corresponding author with indication and names of the co-authors , if any

Please Note : Please provide full details of all authors in the footer ( at the bottom of the fist page). These include Full address of the corresponding Author, Email address of the corresponding author, Full details of Co-authors, Contact numbers and email address:

Once your are notified about the acceptance of abstract, you need to send us the full paper on or before  50 days along with your registration form.

Name of the Broad Field of Research or key words.

  1. Introduction 
    State the reasons for embarking on this study and do not provide any literature review. But you need to show what is the new findings ( in maximum 3 sentences) . Provide the paper is organised.
  2. Literature Review : Name the latest study or work and how they left out the research gap ( which you want to fill outbeing the objective)
  3. Material and methods 
    Provide a detailed description of what materials used or test done
  4. Results : Provide results and discussion/analysis of findings
    Present the result in logical sequence with  clear language. Tables, figures and charts should be sued to explain the results .
  5. Conclusion 
    You need to state how your findings are new and different than the previous studies. State the significance of your results